I’m Lara Zielin, a seven-time published author.

For one year, I wrote out the stories I wanted to have happen in my life. Imagine my surprise when they started coming true.

Are you feeling stuck and wondering if writing can help you live life with more joy and meaning? The answer is a resounding YES! Let me tell you all about it.

Author Your Life is a powerful key to change that should be on the reading lists of anyone interested in the cathartic experience and potentials of the link between self-examination and storytelling.
- Midwest Book Review

Ready to put the power of writing to work in your life? I can help.

FREE worksheets and classes to give your pencil a boost as you write yourself a new story.

COURSES to help you get unstuck and unleash transformation in your own personal Hero’s Journey.

WRITING HELP to get the words out of you and onto the page, while overcoming what’s holding you back.

COACHING for one-on-one guidance on applying the Author Your Life method to your unique situation.


"I have always had positive results when I write a vision, and for years I'd been doing this on my own with no guidance or support. The added discipline and accountability in Author Your Life is exactly what I needed to get my motor fired back up. I'm really getting a ton out of this: motivation and inspiration and RESULTS!"

- Bee Roll

"I'm obsessed with the Start Your Story course and the Author Your Life book. I love the format, the way that structuring my journaling in 3rd person forces me to think about outcomes instead of wallowing in a problem or issue. The very act of writing in this way opens the door to a more optimistic view on life. My path is so much clearer now." 

- Erin Dionne

“Since reading Author Your Life and beginning the process of rewriting my story, using Lara’s techniques, I've been absolutely stunned by the wonderful shifts and positive changes in my life. As someone who's journaled regularly for years, I can honestly tell you that this journey is something truly different and the process is transformational.”

- Bronwyn Green  


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Grab your pencils and let’s go!

At the start of 2018, I decided to give myself a year of writing a book I very unimaginatively titled Lara’s Life. Every day I wrote pages about what happened in Lara’s life. Every day I sat down and imagined what would make Lara happy and fulfilled.

Writing her like a character, I put Lara in situations that were completely amazing and awesome. I gave her joy. Abundance. Love. And so much more. And not to give the ending away, but holy crap you guys, it has totally worked! This is real AF.

Now, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned with you. Each of us has an incredible story just waiting to be written.