Your Story is an Act of Faith

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When I started Author Your Life, it was an experiment -- a way to test whether writing about the life I wanted to have could actually help that life come true.

And once I knew this process worked? Well, then the gloves were off. At that point, I decided I would write big, audacious, heck-yeah stories that had me doing amazing things liiike...

> Going with my 81-year-old dad on a luxury cruise up the Rhine River (see picture below of us at a wine tasting in Rudesheim, Germany).

> Treating myself to diamonds and champagne in Antwerp, Belgium.

> Having impractical and life-changing adventures because we only get one story, and we might as well make it good.


But what I wasn't prepared for in all this? Was the fear. Because once you take a huge leap, you're in the air, and there's nothing to do except try and stick the landing.

If I'm honest, I had so much anxiety about ...

> How to pay for everything. Would it be okay financially, or was this a terrible, foolish use of money?

> Was I worth this? Did I really deserve to have any of these amazing experiences?

> Would it all work out? Would everything be okay in the end, or would disaster strike in the middle of the adventure?

The one thing that I've learned in the process of doing this is that writing your story is an act of faith. It's a signal that your heart is willing to believe something new, something bigger than it's believed before. And wow, is that an uncomfortable place.

Fear can set in like it did for me, and you can wonder if having this much faith was a mistake. And that's precisely when you need to keep going.

It wasn't a bad thing that I felt fear. It only would have been disastrous if I'd let the fear stop me.

Here I am, not letting fear stop me, at a jaw-dropping cafe that looks like a church in Antwerp.


So tell me, what great and powerful story will you write for yourself?

If you need help as your figure it all out, try using these prompts in your story and see where your pencil leads you:

> [Your Name] has permission to do impractical and audacious things. Her story can be as grand as she wants.

> [Your Name] has faith to keep going. She knows that faith and action go hand-in-hand. She takes practical steps toward her dreams.

> [Your Name] feels her fear and keeps going anyway.


In the beginning was the word, and the word was your story.

You got this,

- Lara

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Is Your Writing Ready to Glow?


Earlier this year, Rob and I went on a rock hunt in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Yep, a rock hunt. Nerd alert, I know!

But we weren't on the prowl for just any rocks. We were looking for a special stone called a Yooperlite, which glows in the dark under a black light. That means you have to hunt them at night on remote beaches.

Doing this was amazing, and so cool! The picture at the top of the blog was taken after we were done, and my rocks (and hands) are in the lower right.

But even though my haul was awesome, the thing that struck me was how, in regular light, Yooperlites are the most boring rocks ever. They're grey and flat and you'd walk right past them and not even realize they were secretly gorgeous.

And that got me thinking about how we all need the right conditions so we can glow. Especially when it comes to our creative selves.

It's so easy to think that creating the right conditions means whether the walls in our office are just the right color or whether we have enough time scheduled to write or whether we should pen a short story or a memoir.

But those are just external conditions. So ask yourself ...

What would it really take -- I mean REALLY TAKE -- for your writing to glow like a gosh darn Yooperlite?

Because chances are, whatever is keeping you stuck is between your ears. So if you can get that environment right -- baby, your writing is going to be on FI-YAAH.

If you're ready to put yourself in the driver's seat and really begin to figure out where your writing is stuck, you can use the Author Your Life method of writing in the third person to get insight into your situation.

(Need a reminder of what Author Your Life is all about and WHY it works? Watch this quick video.)

Here are three writing prompts that may help you get the most important conditions juuuust right so can finish your novel, or pen your poem, master that memoir, or whatever it is you're working on. You can write these verbatim in your journal, or you can use them as inspiration and see what comes up:

  • [Your Name] takes responsibility for her story. She doesn’t wait on others to act but instead she knows that her life and her story are hers for the writing.

  • [Your Name] feels her feelings and makes room for them. She allows them into her life so she can listen to what they're telling her. She feels them but they don't stop her.

  • [Your Name] continues to heal and forgive so that she can move forward.

This is a picture of a beach we were on right before sunset the night we went Yooperlite hunting Who even KNOWS how many Yooperlites were here -- we just couldn't see them .


      So if you can, go deeper and look at what's really holding you back. And then light up the night with your words, my friend. Glow, baby, glow! 

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Freeing Yourself from Fear

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This week, I did the Author Your Life exercise where I let my heart speak, and what poured out was pretty raw. I started writing “Dear Lara, this is your heart, and this is what I want to tell you …” and this is what came next:

Please help free me of the fear that is a vice around me. Fear has me in jail. The stakes are high and we are so afraid. This is your heart and I’m begging you to free me from fear.

I’m not going to lie, even just re-typing that was hard.

My poor heart. And it’s not wrong. I am swinging for the fences with some big leaps of faith coming up in the next few months.

I have a trip to Europe planned that is pushing a ton of my emotional buttons. I am launching a virtual summit on August 15th that is stretching me in ridiculously uncomfortable ways (though I can’t wait to tell you about it, and more on that in August). And I’m doing a LIVE Author Your Life workshop this Wednesday, and I’m so nervous.

But even though this is all going on, I know I can take steps to release my heart from fear.

Here are the steps I’m taking and what I’m writing. I welcome you to use these prompts too. Write your name instead of mine, and then let your pen keep going, let the words flow and see what comes up

1.)    Sit with itLara feels her fear. She allows it to be present and doesn’t try to change it into something else. She gives it space. Lara feels her feelings.
2.)    Remember whose hands are on the wheel. Lara lets fear come along for the ride, but doesn’t let it drive the bus. Lara makes sure her decisions are not fear-based. 
3.)    Recognize self-sabotage. Lara sees when she’s beating herself up because she’s scared or doesn’t feel like she deserves good things. 
4.)    Give thanks. Lara is grateful for all she has. She is blessed beyond measure. 
5.)    Keep going. Lara forges ahead. She will not be stopped. Her destiny is calling, and she will march out to meet it.

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Storm the bastille with your pen and free your heart.

- Lara

Founder & Lead Writer, Author Your Life

P.S. Are you new to the whole Author Your Life thing and wondering how to start your own Hero's Journey? I got you, Boo. Just click here.

Writing What Your Heart Says

Unbearable Space - No Words.png

  Every day, practically without fail, my saint of a dad goes to see my mom at the memory care center where she lives. My mom has dementia, and even though she’s not the same person she once was, my dad is unrelentingly steadfast in visiting her and helping care for her.

       I mean, amazing much? (Also, look at this picture of us because how cute is my dad??)


       But here’s the thing. My dad is super lonely because, even though my mom is alive, she’s not really herself. She can’t tell jokes or ask questions or be present in the relationship the way she once was.

       And that leaves my dad feeling stucker than stuck.

       His heart would love some companionship, but what an awful grey area. He feels guilty about wanting to meet someone who could help alleviate his loneliness, since my mom is still technically…around. She’s just not there.

       The thing is, I don’t think my dad’s situation is that uncommon. At least in the sense of feeling like he’s confused and not sure which way to turn.

      But the great news is that my dad—and anyone else feeling this way—can always put pen to paper and ask their heart for guidance. 

      Try literally asking your heart what it wants, and see what comes up. I know it sounds bananas, but I always say that the miracle of this exercise isn’t that it works—it’s that we take the time to try it at all.

       Grab your pen and write the following sentence, and just let the words flow from there: Dear [Your Name], this is your heart, and this is what I want to tell you about [any issue you’re wrestling with]. 

       This exercise will totally help you clear the clutter and connect to your heart, which has aaaallll the answers.

  • Thinking about changing jobs but not sure if you should?

  • Confused about whether to stay in that relationship or bail?

  • Wondering what’s keeping you from finishing that project?

This Is Your Heart.png

       Your heart knows the answers! And you can ask it. Literally

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Three Steps to Real and Lasting Change

Most experts are going to tell you “how” to change something, without ever digging into WHY you got stuck in the first place. Without this deeper part of the process, real and lasting change is impossible. Watch the video below to learn about the three fundamental steps to real and lasting change, and let’s kick those big obstacles out of your path once and for all.

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Do You Worry You're a Bother or a Burden?

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Many years ago, I was at a salon getting my hair done, and my regular stylist handed me off to a young employee who was just learning the ropes. “Put her under the dryer,” my stylist said to the trainee.

So under the dryer I went, but immediately I was uncomfortable. The dryer air was blowing all the chemicals from my hair into my face and lungs, and my eyes started welling up and streaming tears. I could hardly breathe.

If you’re reading this and hoping I shot out of my seat and marched up to the service counter and was like, “Gah! Help me!” I am going to disappoint you.

My “I don’t want to be a bother” side came out in all its glory, and I just SAT THERE.

Yep, you read that right. I had hot chemicals pouring into my face and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t want to be a pest. Some broken, whacked out part of my brain was so worried it was me causing all this, when, really, I think the trainee just forgot to put a plastic cap on top of my head.

Can you relate? Have you ever just accepted something because you didn’t want to make a fuss or inconvenience someone else?

If so, I totally get it, but the good news is that you deserve to ask for what you need and want, and you can write a story where you begin to do just that.

Try using these writing prompts to begin to raise your voice and take up space:

  • [Your Name] asks for what she needs. She believes she deserves to enjoy her life.

  • [Your Name] gives herself permission to ask for help. She doesn’t have to do everything herself.

  • [Your Name] knows she is not a burden to others. She makes time to think about what her needs are, and what will make her happy.

  • [Your Name] has the courage to speak up when her heart knows something is wrong.

Remember, the whole idea behind Author Your Life is that you can write a story about yourself in the third person -- imagining what your character has, what she does, and how she feels -- and this process can impact your real-life life as a result. If you need a primer on getting started with Author Your Life, just click here.


Do you need help putting pen to paper? Are you feeling stuck and not sure what your story should say, or what you want to do with your life?

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