Narwhals Are a Thing!

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Over the holiday, a friend of mine was visiting with her nephew, who began to tell her all about narwhals—including the fascinating fact that their horns are made of hair.

My friend didn’t believe him. Narwhals aren’t real, she insisted. They’re like unicorns. They’re made up.

For almost 30 years she’d believed that narwhals were mythical. But thanks to her nephew, she had the experience of discovering they actually exist!

How cool is that? I mean, wouldn’t your whole world be so rocked if you discovered something mythical was a living, breathing animal? My friend was absolutely convinced she was being punk’d until enough people vouched for her nephew’s narwhal intel.

This whole story got me thinking about what else exists that we don’t even realize is real.

Like, in my case, I am convinced the Hero’s Journey isn’t just a myth—it’s a law of the universe. Like gravity or the speed of light. Why? Because it’s provable, testable, and repeatable. If you start the Hero’s Journey, I can pretty much tell you what’s going to happen to you.

This fundamental truth is why Author Your Life works. Because when you start to write a better story for yourself, the big-picture arc is always the same for the main character—who is you. I go into more detail about this on the Write Your Story page of the website if you want to read more.

The world is full of magic and wonder. I think part of our purpose is to wake up and discover how many of the wonderful things we have access to are 100 percent real.

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