Mentors, Mentors Everywhere!


The Hero's Journey is the template for how stories unfold -- your story, my story, all stories, really. It's the foundation for the Author Your Life adventure

One of the best parts of the Hero's Journey is called Meeting the Mentors, where the hero (that's you!) gets the guidance and teaching they need from someone with just the right mad skillz. Think Think Obi Wan (and later Yoda) helping Luke in Star Wars, or Haymitch helping Katniss in the Hunger Games, or the magical animated objects helping Belle inBeauty and the Beast

And while those are all fictional examples, Meeting the Mentors happens in real life, too, when you start writing a better story for yourself.

One of the first mentors that showed up for me was Denise Duffield-Thomas, who helps people remove what she calls "money blocks." My finances were so screwed up, and my issues around money so profound, it's no wonder the universe sent me Denise! And even though she lives in Australia, her workshops and books and webinars changed me profoundly. 

What a gift to know that we're not alone, and that the universe is cheering for us and is ready to send us help when we need it! 

>> Are you in need of a mentor? Never fear, you can write a story for yourself where your mentor shows up with exactly the right support, information, and help for you. Keep reading to learn exactly how! <<

Write and Ye Shall Receive 
First, think about what you need help with most. What are the areas where you are struggling? What questions would your mentor help you answer? How would you feel when you got the information you needed?     

Now, try writing a scene where you have the mentor you need and they are giving you exactly the help you imagined. Don’t worry about the specifics of who the mentor is or what form they take—just focus on what information you get and how you feel. For example:     

[Your Name] finds the perfect mentor at the perfect time. This mentor gives incredible help and guidance about [specific issue here]. When [Your Name] gets the information she needs, she feels safe, energized, and enlightened. [Your Name] knows the universe has her back, and that the right teachers will always come at the right time.       

If you know there is a specific resource you need to access your mentor, such as a class or a workshop, then write a story where you have the funds and ability to take advantage of that opportunity. Picture yourself there, and write about it in as much detail as you can.

This is where you start! It doesn't have to be Shakespeare or Hemmingway or Rowling levels of writing, it just has to come from the heart. 

I know you can do this, and I'm cheering for you to find the mentor you need on your quest! 

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