How to Start Your Story Today

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When I first began writing Lara’s Life, it was pretty bare bones: Lara has peace. Lara has abundance.

I was trying to just get my bearings and figure out what in the world I was doing. Gradually, the author in me started really setting the scene and painting a picture, but even then I wasn't writing amazing prose or the greatest story of all time. In fact a lot of times I was just penning affirmations or even bullet points. I wrote in cheap notebooks I picked up on sale at TJ Maxx. Nothing fancy at all. And the process still worked! 

I filled up eight notebooks last year while writing Lara's Life. They are SO BASIC. And yet they still changed everything.

I filled up eight notebooks last year while writing Lara's Life. They are SO BASIC. And yet they still changed everything.

Even when I was flat broke, I wrote about how it felt to pay all my bills with ease, and the delight I experienced when I opened my bank statement and there was more than enough there. Even when I wanted to pull away from everyone and everything around me, I wrote how I was comfortable with vulnerability.

As you take up your pen to write your story, ask yourself: What do you want to think, feel, and have as you begin to author your life? Here are three steps you can today to begin your journey.

Step #1: Buy a paper notebook. Old school! Dedicate this singe space to writing your story.

Step #2: Think of yourself as a novelist creating a character who gets to have the life they’ve always dreamed of. That character is you, of course, but you’re going to think of them in the third person. Write down the details of what this character has and does. Where does this character travel? What kind of relationships do they have? What does a fulfilling life look like for them? 
Step #3: Now that you have a sense of what a fulfilling life looks like for your character, flesh out some of those details:

  • How do they feel?

  • Who are they with?

  • What thoughts do they have?

  • What do they see?

  • How do they treat the people around them?

  • What do they know to be true?

Your heart knows the answers to all these questions. You don’t have to over-think anything. For now, just put pen to paper and see what comes up.

Step #4: Give your book a title. What do you want your story to be called? I love having my name in the title, because it just reminds me that this is my story and I get to make it whatever I want it to be. Get a Sharpie and scrawl your new title on the front of the notebook where you're writing down your stories. Need ideas? Here are a few:

  • Elena Kicks Ass!

  • Happier Heather

  • Lisa Saves the Planet and Herself

  • The Ultimate Sarah

Step #5: Think of every day like a chapter in your story. Don’t worry about mapping the entire arc of your book from now until you exit the earth. Just see what comes up every day and what is on your character’s heart when you put pen to paper. It could be different each time you write, and that’s okay.

I'm excited to see what you begin to write in your new book!


Hey, look at that! I’m still here! And so are you.

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