Take This Job and Write It

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Writing is how I pay the bills, and for a while there I had a lucrative writing gig that my husband and I relied on financially.

The only problem was, it was hollowing out my insides. My heart wasn’t having this. I could feel my heart saying, “It’s time to go.”

That filled me with fear, because I had nothing lined up to replace this gig. Nothing but the certainty in my soul that it was right to leave.

When I looked at Lara’s Life and the stories there, I saw someone who loved her work and was energized by it. I saw someone surrounded by like-minded people who encouraged and nurtured her. I didn’t see someone slaving away at a lifeless gig just to keep the mortgage paid.     

And so, even though it was terrifying, I released that job. I put in my two weeks and said I was moving on. The minute I did, more work came my way. This work was more enjoyable, more engaging, and it made me a thousand times happier.

I realized then that I wasn’t walking away from a bad job. I was walking toward a better story.

Today, I am able to say yes to the right gigs because I have written a story where I have wisdom about whom to work with and what I want to have happen in my career. I don’t worry about being able to pay the bills because I’ve written a story where we pay our bills with ease and have financial abundance. This change didn't happen overnight, but a better story did happen for me regarding my work, and my life is completely different as a result. 

I created this graphic, which you're welcome to use and share. It references that awesome moment in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy finds the bridge after he's already stepped out in faith.

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Let’s Talk to Smart People!

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I believe in your story!

Author Your Life is my new book, and it outlines the oh-heck-yeah transformation that can happen when you literally put pen to paper and write the life you want to have.

You got this!