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This week in the next installment of the Revising Life series, we're hearing from Colleen Newvine, a coach, consultant, and product manager of The Associated Press Stylebook. When life threw Colleen a huge curveball in the form of a pink slip, she used it as an opportunity to re-think her life and career.

These days, Colleen and her husband take what they call "manageable sabbaticals," where they live someplace new for a few weeks or months every year. They get to soak in a different culture and lifestyle and be inspired in totally fresh ways.

I couldn't wait to talk with Colleen about how she makes her manageable sabbaticals happen, how it's changed her for the better, and how we can do it, too. 

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Colleen Newvine enjoying the crap out of her life!

Colleen Newvine enjoying the crap out of her life!

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