About That Whole Drinking Thing...

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When I wrote Author Your Life, I chose to put a lot of brutally honest content into the book, including the moment I realized I was drinking waaaayy too much. 
       It wasn't something I was proud of, and it wasn't like I was jonesing to talk about how I'd found myself in this kind of awful and humiliating place. But I had to include it if I wanted to write an honest and authentic story.

Specifically, I wanted to share HOW I discovered I was drinking too much.

       You see, I thought I was mostly doing fine getting through this thing called life. I worked hard, was a good colleague, paid my bills on time, mowed my lawn, volunteered, waved at my neighbors...I was a GOOD PERSON. I mean, sure, I knew there were things I wanted to change about myself, but I didn't know drinking was one of them.
       That is, until I did one fundamental writing exercise. I wrote a letter to myself from my body. And it went like this:

Dear Lara, this is your body,
and this is what I want to tell you....

       I let the pen just flow after that, and what came out was my body asking me to please stop putting poison in it.
       When I saw the words, I knew my body was talking about alcohol. And I knew I had to start re-writing this story before I found myself in bad, bad shape.
       The fabulous, you-win-the-prize news is that this writing exercise can work for you, too. You can put pen to paper and ask your body to speak to you. Or your heart. Or your highest self. (Just don't ask your brain this question. She's too loud already.)

Author Your Life is as raw and honest as I could make it.

But it's also as hopeful as I could make it.

Because I'm not in the same place I used to be, and I owe that to the power of writing. 
Just like the writing exercise I shared above, I packed the book chock full of tips and prompts and steps so you can apply this work to yourself too. If you haven't picked up a copy of Author Your Life, click the button below to get started. 


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