The Haunted Mural that Changed My Life


A year ago, I took a road trip to the Roadhouse Bar in Hawthorne, Wisconsin. I'd heard from an episode of the Spooked podcast that there was a haunted mural there, and I wanted to see it for myself.

I talk a lot about this haunted mural in the first chapter of Author Your Life, and the Spooked story about it had a big impact on me.

The insane thing is that not only did I confirm that this haunted mural exists, but I found a piece of it that had been removed and was now living in a neighbor's garage (!).

Most importantly, this missing piece of the mural had two saloon doors on it. Now, this is significant because the two saloon doors play a huge part in this haunted mural story. Finding those doors was like finding the holy grail of spooky stories.


Finding this mural really truly meant something to me. If you'd like to read more about it, just click here to have the first chapter of Author Your Life delivered to you for free, and learn why an old painting in the middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin changed my life forever.

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