Writing a Story of Overcoming Perfectionism

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  If you're ready for some truth bombs that are going to explode your heart in the best way possible, then make sure you watch my interview with Caroline McGraw, who says things like, "Mistakes are the holy place." and when your I-want-to-be-perfect self lets THAT sink in for a hot second, it's going to leave your jaw on the floor.

Caroline is a speaker, coach, and author, and she knows firsthand what it's like to want to protect herself by being perfect. It's a concept of self preservation where, if we believe we can just follow ALL. THE. RULES. and not make any mistakes, no one can hurt us. The only problem is, it doesn't work. 

       Caroline learned this the hard way, and her story is one of finding vulnerability and embracing the broken and uncomfortable parts of herself.

      "The thing I'm afraid of is the sacred thing."

      ^ I mean, there is wisdom coming out of this woman's earlobes, people. Click the video below to hear more from Caroline, who will help give you the courage you need to write a beautifully imperfect story. 

Thank you, Midwest Book Review!

"Author Your Life is a powerful key to change that should be on the reading lists of not just would-be authors, but anyone interested in the cathartic experience and potentials of the link between self-examination and storytelling."


Midwest Book Review gave Author Your Life a rave review, which will appear in their June issue.

I hope you're ready to use the power of storytelling and writing to create a life that is chock full of meaning, connection, and joy, because, if so, this book is for you.  


Write your story in pen and don't be afraid to scribble out the parts that aren't working! Mistakes are an essential part of the Hero's Journey, darling.



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