Big Story. Big Magic.

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In 2018, in the throes of financial despair, I decided to take a risk.

      I was in the belly of the fiscal whale, where everything around my money was dark and stinky. Think debt, a struggling business, and no light at the end of the tunnel.

      Instinctively, I knew that changing my story was going to require a huge leap of faith. I knew I had to put my butt on the line.

That’s when I heard about a fourth-generation jeweler named Kate (pictured below), who takes women to Europe for one-of-a-kind excursions where her guests sip champagne and buy ethically sourced diamonds. Each guest ultimately creates her dream piece of bling while experiencing an incredible vacation.


To me, that sounded INSANE in the best way possible. Like, I couldn’t believe people could actually do this kind of thing. It sounded downright Kardashian

      So I put a deposit on the trip, and then I started writing a story where this could all come to pass. Good luck to me, right? The crazy thing is, it’s all fallen into place.

Is it magical? Sure, absolutely. But I also put my butt on the line with a huge leap of faith, and I wrote a story where I became determined to make the trip work.

      I know a big piece of bling isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the point isn't the logistics of the trip, it's that I was determined to not be in a dark financial place forever, and this trip was my flag in the ground, my way of saying I will find a way to make my story sparkle. 

      I wrote about how Lara’s eyes were open to money-making opportunities. I wrote about how Lara met and aligned herself with the right people who could help her at the right time. I wrote about how Lara felt her fear but didn’t let it drive the bus. I wrote about how Lara is grateful for everything at every step.

      We set sail in October, and I know the whole thing is going to be 100 percent awesome.

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This story stretched my faith muscle in incredible ways. I know that if I can manifest this trip, I can manifest anything. Nothing feels impossible with my story right now.

      So the moral here is to write your story big. Write it bold. Write your character (who is you, btw) in new, faith-stretching situations that change her life. The only limitations on your story are the ones you put on it.

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      Remember, the whole idea behind Author Your Life is that you can write a story about yourself in the third person -- imagining what your character has, what she does, and how she feels -- and this process can impact your real-life life as a result.


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Your story is like a goldfish, it will grow to the size of the pond you put it in.