Writing a Story of Waking Up to Your Own Life

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When Marquina Iliev-Piselli was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, it was a record-scratch on the direction her life was going. Marquina was jumping through all the prescribed hoops she thought she should -- working hard in what she believed was an appropriately "grown-up" career, getting married, becoming a mom -- but she was half asleep in her own life, just going through the motions.


       Breast cancer was a wake-up call. After the diagnosis, Marquina shifted her life and began doing what she loved and embracing her true self, not who she thought she should be.

       Marquina played air guitar during chemo sessions (see photo to the left by Casey Fatchett). She scrapped her "grown up" career and decided to focus on her passions.

She started a business, Authorpreneur Launch, that helps authors turn their books into bestsellers. And she just launched a Kickstarter for her new book, TOUGH, which features essays from women who survived cancer. 

       Best of all, Marquina is cancer-free and feels more connected to her story and her life. 

Marquina talks about all this in more in our recent interview. You won't want to miss it!  


Marquina's unapologetic bravery is a powerful, hair-flying example of what happens when we decide that we have the power to change our story and author our lives.

For one year, I literally put pen to paper and wrote out the story of how I wanted my life to be, the same way  I would for a character in one of my novels. This hand-written experience changed everything in my life -- from my heart to my health to my finances to my relationships and more -- and is the basis for my book, Author Your Life

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