The Best Part of the Hero's Journey

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  The very first book I ever wrote and published was a slim nonfiction book with the clunky title of Make Things Happen: The Key to Networking for Teens. It came out in 2004 and was an instant bestseller. Just kidding!

      Even though it didn’t exactly fly off the shelves at Barnes & Noble, it did give me a chance to write pages and pages on a topic I love: people connecting.

      I absolutely get so excited when the right people come into our lives at the right time. It’s so powerful, and I would argue it’s the most important part of the Hero’s Journey.   

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  This is officially called Meeting the Mentors in the Hero’s Journey cycle, and it’s that moment when Harry meets Hagrid in Harry Potter; when Andy Dufresne finds Red in Shawshank Redemption; when Jane meets Celeste and Madeline in Big Little Lies. It’s the moment when the protagonist gets help and wisdom to navigate unfamiliar territory.

      The amazing thing is, this happens in real life, too. I write all the time that my eyes and heart are open to the right connections. That not only do the right people come into my life at the right time, but that I can see them and accept their help.

       You wouldn’t believe how effective this is! I’m constantly amazed at the people I’m “bumping into.”

      To do this in your own story, try writing: The right people come into [Your Name’s] path at the right time, and [Your Name] is open to seeing and connecting to them. She creates genuine relationships with a spirit of generosity. 

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      Finding the right people and getting the right help is the biggest catalyst there is for jumping us into the next stage of our journey. 

  • Do you need a mentor and ally on your journey right now?

  • Do you feel alone, frustrated, and not sure how to get to where you want to go?

  • Do you wonder how to make the Author Your Life process work more effectively for you?

  • Do you have writer’s block when you put pen to paper?

  • Do you think there’s an old story that’s holding you back, but you need help figuring out what it is?

      If you’re living in Frustration Nation, I totally get it – and I’m here to help. I want to be the leg-up you need in this part of the journey. If you are feeling like you’re ready for this part of your journey to begin, and a big YES I NEED HELP is making it’s way to your lips, let’s talk.

      I would love to support you during a FREE Author Your Life Story Session. We’ll do the same thing any good writer does with their book – figuring out what’s working, what’s holding your “character” back, and what to write to ignite the most change. 

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Let me be the Barf to your Lone Starr, 

- Lara

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