Freeing Yourself from Fear

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This week, I did the Author Your Life exercise where I let my heart speak, and what poured out was pretty raw. I started writing “Dear Lara, this is your heart, and this is what I want to tell you …” and this is what came next:

Please help free me of the fear that is a vice around me. Fear has me in jail. The stakes are high and we are so afraid. This is your heart and I’m begging you to free me from fear.

I’m not going to lie, even just re-typing that was hard.

My poor heart. And it’s not wrong. I am swinging for the fences with some big leaps of faith coming up in the next few months.

I have a trip to Europe planned that is pushing a ton of my emotional buttons. I am launching a virtual summit on August 15th that is stretching me in ridiculously uncomfortable ways (though I can’t wait to tell you about it, and more on that in August). And I’m doing a LIVE Author Your Life workshop this Wednesday, and I’m so nervous.

But even though this is all going on, I know I can take steps to release my heart from fear.

Here are the steps I’m taking and what I’m writing. I welcome you to use these prompts too. Write your name instead of mine, and then let your pen keep going, let the words flow and see what comes up

1.)    Sit with itLara feels her fear. She allows it to be present and doesn’t try to change it into something else. She gives it space. Lara feels her feelings.
2.)    Remember whose hands are on the wheel. Lara lets fear come along for the ride, but doesn’t let it drive the bus. Lara makes sure her decisions are not fear-based. 
3.)    Recognize self-sabotage. Lara sees when she’s beating herself up because she’s scared or doesn’t feel like she deserves good things. 
4.)    Give thanks. Lara is grateful for all she has. She is blessed beyond measure. 
5.)    Keep going. Lara forges ahead. She will not be stopped. Her destiny is calling, and she will march out to meet it.

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Storm the bastille with your pen and free your heart.

- Lara

Founder & Lead Writer, Author Your Life

P.S. Are you new to the whole Author Your Life thing and wondering how to start your own Hero's Journey? I got you, Boo. Just click here.