Is Your Writing Ready to Glow?


Earlier this year, Rob and I went on a rock hunt in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Yep, a rock hunt. Nerd alert, I know!

But we weren't on the prowl for just any rocks. We were looking for a special stone called a Yooperlite, which glows in the dark under a black light. That means you have to hunt them at night on remote beaches.

Doing this was amazing, and so cool! The picture at the top of the blog was taken after we were done, and my rocks (and hands) are in the lower right.

But even though my haul was awesome, the thing that struck me was how, in regular light, Yooperlites are the most boring rocks ever. They're grey and flat and you'd walk right past them and not even realize they were secretly gorgeous.

And that got me thinking about how we all need the right conditions so we can glow. Especially when it comes to our creative selves.

It's so easy to think that creating the right conditions means whether the walls in our office are just the right color or whether we have enough time scheduled to write or whether we should pen a short story or a memoir.

But those are just external conditions. So ask yourself ...

What would it really take -- I mean REALLY TAKE -- for your writing to glow like a gosh darn Yooperlite?

Because chances are, whatever is keeping you stuck is between your ears. So if you can get that environment right -- baby, your writing is going to be on FI-YAAH.

If you're ready to put yourself in the driver's seat and really begin to figure out where your writing is stuck, you can use the Author Your Life method of writing in the third person to get insight into your situation.

(Need a reminder of what Author Your Life is all about and WHY it works? Watch this quick video.)

Here are three writing prompts that may help you get the most important conditions juuuust right so can finish your novel, or pen your poem, master that memoir, or whatever it is you're working on. You can write these verbatim in your journal, or you can use them as inspiration and see what comes up:

  • [Your Name] takes responsibility for her story. She doesn’t wait on others to act but instead she knows that her life and her story are hers for the writing.

  • [Your Name] feels her feelings and makes room for them. She allows them into her life so she can listen to what they're telling her. She feels them but they don't stop her.

  • [Your Name] continues to heal and forgive so that she can move forward.

This is a picture of a beach we were on right before sunset the night we went Yooperlite hunting Who even KNOWS how many Yooperlites were here -- we just couldn't see them .


      So if you can, go deeper and look at what's really holding you back. And then light up the night with your words, my friend. Glow, baby, glow! 

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