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The six-week course that teaches you how to use writing to get un-stuck and start living the life you want.


Do you believe your life can have more happiness and meaning, but you’re wondering where to begin?

WRITING can help. And I’m here to show you how.

Imagine how would you feel knowing what to do each time you faced an obstacle.

What if you knew how to break old habits and overcome self sabotage?

Imagine feeling hopeful and joyful instead of fearful and confused.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know you were on the right path, and connected to your purpose?

I’m here to tell you that the key your breakthrough is picking up a piece of paper and a pen and writing out what you want to have happen to you.


Writing yourself like you’re a character in a story of your own making can unleash incredible change. The Start Your Story Course will teach you how to create the writing habits that impact your actual life. This is not a fiction-writing class, this is a real-life writing class.


here’s how we’ll do it:

For six weeks, I’ll walk you through the Author Your Life process step-by-step, where you’ll learn how to put pen to paper to change your life.

Every week, you’ll get a video lesson plus PDF downloads that help you connect to what your hero (who’s you) actually wants and needs. But we don’t stop there — because the course is designed to help you actually take action.

Yep, you heard me right. Each lesson has practical, pragmatic steps for creating change. I give you words and prompts so you’re not sitting there, stuck, wondering what to write.

Plus, I’m bringing it real. Like, SO REAL. I go into lots of detail about what really worked for me in my own journey, NO B.S.

Best of all, you get immediate access to everything. You don’t have to wait to get any of the course materials. Everything will be delivered to you through the Start Your Story Course platform, and you can work through everything at your own pace.

PLUS, the Start Your Story Course also includes:

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group where there’s accountability and support AND

  • One 30-minute coaching call with me to give you hands-on help.

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BECAUSE you’re going to DIVE DEEP INTO:

  • Week One: The Hero’s Journey and Answering the Call

  • Week Two: Essential Writing Prompts and Manageable Change

  • Week Three: Investigating Old Stories (i.e. what’s holding you back)

  • Week Four: The Importance of Gratitude

  • Week Five: The Power of Getting Specific with Your Story

  • Week Six: Continuing Transformation

If this all sounds like fiction, I promise you this course is very much the real deal. Here’s what past participants have to say…


"I have always had positive results when I write a vision, and for years I'd been doing this on my own with no guidance or support. The added discipline and accountability in Author Your Life is exactly what I needed to get my motor fired back up. I'm really getting a ton out of this: motivation and inspiration and RESULTS!"

- Bee Roll


"I'm obsessed with the Start Your Story course and the Author Your Life book. I love the format, the way that structuring my journaling in 3rd person forces me to think about outcomes instead of wallowing in a problem or issue. The very act of writing in this way opens the door to a more optimistic view on life. My path is so much clearer now." 

- Erin Dionne


“Since reading Author Your Life and beginning the process of rewriting my story, using Lara’s techniques, I've been absolutely stunned by the wonderful shifts and positive changes in my life. As someone who's journaled regularly for years, I can honestly tell you that this journey is something truly different and the process is transformational.”

- Bronwyn Green  

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>> Discover the steps to write the words that unleash change. This is like journaling on crack.

>> Learn how to uncover old stories — you know, the icky ones that aren’t serving you anymore — and start the process of revising them.

>> Give yourself permission to get still and give yourself TIME to write yourself into a life full of meaning.

>> Take a meat tenderizer to your heart and get more grateful, joyful, and accepting of what you already have so you can allow the universe to bring more.

>> Allow yourself to connect your writing and your feelings, because they’re two sides of the same coin. (For anyone who hates feeling their feelings, I TOTALLY SEE YOU. But we gots to, yo.)

ALL BY WRITING. You don’t need special crystals or a cleanse or a trip to India. You literally just need a piece of paper and a pen.

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Start Your Story Course
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Hi, I’m Lara!

I’m the published author of three young-adult novels with Penguin Random House and four contemporary romance novels under the name Kim Amos.

At the start of 2018, I gave myself a year of writing a book I very unimaginatively titled Lara’s Life.

Writing Lara like a character, I put her in situations that were completely amazing and awesome. I gave her joy. Abundance. Love. And so much more. It changed everything, and it’s now a book called Author Your Life.

Now, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned with you in the Start Your Story Course. Each of us has an incredible story just waiting to be written.

In this course, you’ll get practical answers to some my most frequently asked questions including:

How do I use writing to change my life?

What should I write so it has the most effect?

What do I do when intense feelings or obstacles come up?

I’m here to guide you, step by step

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This course is for you if:

* You are ready to give yourself permission to use writing to achieve your goals and get un-stuck

* You want more clarity on your work, your calling, your purpose

* You’re ready to clear roadblocks to success (including self-sabotage)

* You want accountability with others on the same journey

* You want to be on the ground floor of something legit special (you can’t get this anywhere else)

Start Your Story Course
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