Write Your Story

Don’t forget the really good bits.

Author Your Life is what happened when I literally wrote the story of how I wanted my existence to be and then watched it happen.

I took the leap and made a world for myself, exactly the same way that I would create a world for my characters as a published author. Everything changed as a result. My health, my finances, my relationships, my heart, and so much more — and it can change for you, too.

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This blueprint for storytelling is called the Hero’s Journey, and it was identified by mythologist Joseph Campbell in the 1970s. He researched the crap out of stories across time and cultures and, turns out, they’re all made out of pretty much the same scaffolding. From the stories carved into the flat side of a cave to the singing and dancing in Hamilton—they are all using the Hero’s Journey.

But Lara, you say, Campbell was talking about fictional characters, and this is real life.

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That is true! But here’s the thing. The Hero’s Journey is more than just the blueprint for good storytelling. Campbell himself suggested it was part of our human DNA, that there was no other way to explain its prevalence across culture and time.

As such, the Hero’s Journey is the inevitable outcome of what is going to happen to you when you start creating the life that you want. It’s all the cards laid out on the table, telling you step by step what to expect.

We don’t inform it—it informs us. It will guide us if we let it.

I’ve structured my new book Author Your Life around the Hero’s Journey. I invite people to write themselves like a character on their own quest, imagining what they want to have, be, do, and feel. This process isn’t just imaginary — it can influence your everyday life as well.


There are three major sections to the book—Awareness, Change, and Renewal—though, to be fair, I’ve spent the most time around “Awareness” and “Change” because these are the hardest parts of the journey, and the ones where we need the most help.

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>>> And I hope you’ll pick up Author Your Life to read all about how you can apply the transformative power of storytelling to your own experience.